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Costa Mesa Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses City’s Poor Collision Ranking

Costa Mesa is among the cities with the highest number of auto accidents, according to a local attorney. Each year, the California Office of Traffic Safety analyzes the accident statistics of the state’s cities, comparing the crash rates of those with similarly sized populations and ranking them. First place is the worst. Costa Mesa ranked 7th in 2010, the year for which the most current data is available. A Costa Mesa auto accident attorney examines the factors contributing to Costa Mesa’s poor traffic safety record and explains the obstacles preventing many from obtaining the compensation necessary to fully recover after a crash.

For Costa Mesa, car accident victims in need of immediate assistance, free resources, such as books and articles written by a local attorney, are available free of charge through our office.

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Costa Mesa’s High Crash Rate: Auto Accident Attorney Examines Contributing Factors

Freeways and Intersections:

With State Route 73 and State Route 55 terminating in Costa Mesa and Interstate 405 bordering it, Costa Mesa has a problem with speeding, ranking 5th for speed-related collisions, according to an attorney. Drivers exiting freeways can fail to decelerate for street traffic, which has proven problematic at the terminal for the 55 Freeway at 19th Street, the intersection with the highest rate of auto accidents in 2012, according to the Orange County Register.

Other dangerous intersections in Costa Mesa include Harbor Boulevard at Wilson Street; Victoria Street at Harbor Boulevard; and Harbor Boulevard at Adams Avenue.

Drunk Driving:

In 2010, there were 80 alcohol-involved auto accidents resulting in injury or death in Costa Mesa, explains an attorney. Costa Mesa ranked 4th for such crashes.

Young Drivers:

With nearly 28 percent of its population aged 20 to 34, Costa Mesa ranked 2nd for its incidence of fatal and injury accidents involving drivers aged 21 to 34.

Obstacles to Recovery after a Car Crash

Auto insurers have become increasingly aggressive in recent years, employing deceptive strategies to settle cases for the least amount possible, regardless of the impact on claimants’ recoveries, explains a Costa Mesa car accident attorney. Out of work for months, in debt, and suffering from painful injuries, accident victims may be forced to settle for less than the value of their claims, leaving them with just enough to reimburse their health insurer for treatment—and sometimes less.

Your recovery is our priority. As members of the local community, our Costa Mesa car accident attorneys care about their clients. For nearly forty years, we’ve helped Costa Mesa citizens recover from the traumatic injuries they sustained in car crashes. As Costa Mesa’s collision rate has risen along Harbor Boulevard and throughout the city and insurers have become more contentious, we’ve adjusted our approach to ensure that the rights of residents are protected.

Protecting those rights requires action immediately after the crash. Contacting a Costa Mesa auto accident attorney after the crash will allow our office to send out our own experts to investigate the scene and to collect the evidence necessary to build a strong case.

Integral to any auto accident case are medical records. Whether or not you have health insurance, our attorneys will make sure your injuries are assessed and the appropriate treatment plan implemented. We have an extensive referral system with doctors and specialists throughout Costa Mesa and Orange County.

Once an attorney has constructed your auto accident case and you are on your way to recovery, the attorney will present your case, utilizing our office’s history with and knowledge of the Costa Mesa courts and judiciary to reach a successful resolution.

Costa Mesa’s roads may be more dangerous than in the past and the insurers more aggressive, but you are still entitled to the same recovery with the right representation.

To learn more about how our office can help you, or if you have legal questions, feel free to call 1-888-834-5055 to speak with a Costa Mesa auto accident attorney today.

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