Orange County Injury Lawyer Warns Against Teenage Drunk Driving


Car accidents are the number one cause of death for adolescents, leading many parents to worry about the driving abilities of their teens. Parents often attribute this statistic to the inexperience of young drivers; however, teenage drunk driving accounts for 60% of fatal teen accidents, explains an Orange County injury lawyer.

Recent studies indicate that alcohol consumption is prevalent among high-school students: 75% of students will consume alcohol before they graduate, and 58% of seniors admit to being drunk at least once. These alarming statistics serve as reminders of how important it is for parents to discuss the effects of alcohol use with their teen drivers, as well as set and enforce rules for their time behind the wheel. Teens that have talked to their parents about alcohol and must abide by set rules are, according to recent studies, less likely to drink in high school.

There are many laws already in place to help protect teen drivers, such as the legal drinking age, nighttime driving restrictions, and restrictions on the number of passengers teens can have in their cars. It is important for parents to enforce these laws.

Parents should also warn their teens not to ride in a car with a drunk driver: 28% of teens admit to being in a car where the driver has been drinking within 30 days. Parents can help their teens by making sure they know they can call them if they need a ride to avoid getting in a car with a drunk driver.

Useful suggestions for talking to your teen about drinking and driving can be found in the article Talking to Your Kids About Drunk Driving, written by Seattle auto accident lawyer Jason Epstein. The article also contains some tips on how to start the conversation.

For additional information on teenage drunk driving, or to speak with an Orange County injury lawyer, feel free to call 1-888-834 5055. If you are from the Seattle area, you may contact a Seattle auto accident lawyer at 1-888-834 5055.

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